Tuesday, March 31, 2015

fever of head bowed

So here are the fever questions. (pain is intimate. we can't avoid it)

Did I ask for too much?

Well. Yeah.
I mean.
All cancer cured?
That’s a lot or is it.

When do we give up and say, Well, I can’t handle that. You handle that. (question mark here)

What age was I when I decided that no matter how much I studied something I could not do it? That it was bigger than me. I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.

Was it the periodic table? The equations? Do I find it even harder to think like that now? 
How many excuses do I have? Not smart enough? Someone else is handling it?

How mad can I be at myself?

Let’s go for a walk on gravel and grass and asphault. Let’s stomp the ground and hug each other and say, “Mornin’. Who are you? I am me. I hope you have a good day whatever that may mean. Do you need more than that from me?”

What do we do if someone says, "Yes." (question mark here)

Let's go to bed at night and wonder is that all I could have done. (or let's not ask)

Today I am grateful for researchers, for people who never gave up their lives to something because finding the cure for cancer is/was their lives. I am grateful for those people who collect my money for them.

I am grateful for a woman who shares her story and the one of her friend. She is a teacher. 
(of course she is)

Future gratitude: I am so very, really, honestly, seriously grateful that cancer has been eradicated and there are now only stories of legendary heroes in this world.

Monday, March 30, 2015

me looking at you. you looking at the ocean.

I try to think what that conversation would be.
Him, me sitting on a beach.
Would we even speak?
Or would I just hold his arm?
Put my head on his shoulder.

I hate to talk about death.
I hate to think about it for purely, purely selfish reasons.
It's not that I'm mad anymore. I'm not.

(Someone did ask me in my early twenties, "Why are you so mad?"
and I had no idea but him leaving did piss me off. Not that it was his fault.
Who was I to blame? Yep. Everyone.

The kicker though was that I couldn't watch as he left. Turned my back and lived with complete shame that I couldn't help him or face him as a result. Powerless to even pray good enough for that.)

I know things are to be expected and me being mad or sad would never help anyone so there's this and a phone call from my niece and if he ever taught me anything he taught me to be kind and good to children.

(because he was one of the best Papaws any kid could have.)

Seriously. My Papaw is better than your Papaw.
He'd chuckle if he could read that.

Maybe that's what we'd do.
We would just laugh with each other after I got finished introducing him to everyone.

Today I am grateful for a car we called the silver streak, a game he invented about a guy named Jack, how he laughed. I am grateful for his kitchen table, for the way he told a story and lived one too.
I am grateful to have met him.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


this guy is sending 200 pounds of blackberries from his first harvested batch to Finland this year.

Yowsa, people.

the case for the more and never talk politics on TV. soon your brain turns to mush

In the case of kids helping kids I think you have to say, Yes.
In the case of kids understanding how to love I think we have to teach them to love.

So our gifts should be about giving, I think.

Anyway, the photo.

It is of Jess on her birthday and it is a gift to my Mom & Dad, my brother & sister-in-law, my ex sister-in-law & her stepfather because I need to do more personal photos as gifts to the ones I love. Part of giving to Jess means I give to the ones who love her.

I think I was always scared to give because I would soon not have enough for us to eat.
I made many, many bad choices in regards to money.

Cigarettes. How could I dare smoke?
I have thought a lot about that today.

And this is what I think.
I think.

If we give gifts to the ones we love it has to be that we kind of live for them which is weird because they have lives of their own. It's crazy. Really.

Today I am grateful for a walk with a kid then a talk with her brother, a kinda one sided chat with two babies, the use of my parents' internet, a lovely talk with my Mom, and a funny conversation with my son. If we're really passing it on is there only so much love you can give? But I guess that is kinda the point.

We're supposed to give love and let love shine out.

I know, I know there is so much need you even feel it in your home and your heart and I want to give you everything but I can't so I want to reserve this piece.

because I get love and money confused.
I don't think I need a pair of sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat for the beach.
It's just too much money when I could buy this.

but then what about the community center?

People call me a Democrat, but I don't agree with them.
Republican, not so much either.
What if we make money to give and we give that money where we are led?
Do we fear that our money will run out?
Maybe it has. I understand that.
I have definitely run out of money before.

How do we stretch it? By goals, I think.

Dear Good Shoe Manufacturers of the World,

I will soon purchase myself a good walking shoe for at least four terrains. Maybe. If I have enough money to live with another month of payroll as my savings. My first little piggy bank.
I don't want a referral to a website. I already have my sites and sometimes I share them here because they are amazing but I can't afford everybody and everything and

do you ever feel guilty that you don't give enough?

Though someone once told me that you should never live that way. Live as if you know enough will always be there. (heck. we've made it this far.)

I mean. (did you think?)

You should have.
I should have too.
I should have been a better person.
Now it is what I must do.

I am going to have to give up zumba so I can use thirty dollars a month to give to charity and goodgoshamighty there are some beautiful ones. There are people within my own county who could use thirty dollars of groceries per month. Plus, I walk/hike/enjoy the outdoors/27 miles last week is a luxury, I know and I love it like it is diamonds.

So this week I'll

  1. Go shopping with Aunt Dottie and we'll buy $30 of something she can eat. Seriously. Someone tell her I'm coming. Or wait. Why don't I call her?
  2. Pay $50 to a friend who did a couple of things for me last week.
  3. Take a friend to lunch.
  4. $25 to Relay for Life and 25 photos I have to take.
  5. Next is Chantel and a painting which is not only exquisite but it's that lady's family. And well, Chantel is a good friend of mine and a wife and a mother and I told her I'd send some love. Love and money, people. Love and money. It's all I know to do.
  6. Take a photo for Pam's Mom.
  7. Take time to teach a kid about photography.
  8. Get with Tina. Write an article on Relay.
  9. Link it.
  10. Publish article.
  11. Write and publish article on teacher with book.
  12. Write and publish article on teacher with 21st Century.
  13. Write and publish article on two students. (ohgoodgosh. seriously. my life should be themed kids these days)
  14. Go to the beach with my kid.

But right now I need to finish editing and adding art for nobody particular. Because.
Life is good, and I will one day prove it to all the people I love.
Or no I won't, but that's no reason to stop trying.

Put clothes in dryer.
Wash dishes.

table talk

"Have I told you the one about JB?"

"I don't think so."

"I haven't told you that?"

"Maybe. Maybe I don't remember. What was it about?"

"JB played junior college football and by the time he and them other guys got to really working on the rig they coulda played senior college football and I think most of them were just mad that they wudn't. There's a turkey, Shea. Look. "

"What were we talking about?"

"Those guys on the rig. JB. They were a mad bunch."

"Oh yeah. Well JB was beady eyed, tongue tied and didn't have a neck. Solid muscle from his earlobe to his elbow."

I smile. This one's gonna be good.

Later I realize it was because of the way he told it.

Today I am grateful for my Dad's stories and for the good meal he and Mom provided all of us last night. The table was in one hundred percent agreement. That was a proper steak.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Life whittles down into survivalist tactics and you want to give the world the world.
But all you got is what you have and you know there is something there even if it is just work.

Take a photo.
(that photo will never be good enough)

There will never be enough light in this world from just me trying to shine something.
I can't keep batteries in flashlights around here.

That's why it's always important for me to remember there's always others.

This is the rundown from this past week.

Photographs galore of incredibly beautiful people.
Insanity. Really.
The fog is the best thing in the world.
It is thick and low and just hangs on the road.
A cloud visiting.

Five, count them, five magnificent people.
Then three more.
Another five.
And a 5K that I will need to walk, not run.
Life is a slow dance until you are in complete pain.

I want the world to end it's death and hunger and thirst and I want everyone everywhere to have the opportunity for light. Sun which only brings warmth. Shelter is no longer needed because rains are only here to feed the earth and the people.

I mean.
If we pray. I think we pray for the most personal of peace.
Sometimes I don't know where people find it, only that they do until that time.

Never cease is what they say.
Never cease
to pray,
to live,
to love,
to nurture,
to create,
to give,

If one of my brothers, either one, make a t-shirt I am required by law to wear it.

Remember this week when I said something about more.
I got the answer.

Always know and understand with more of everything comes more of everything, like responsibility.

So yes, he says.

"When I was was young. A little boy I asked my uncle for more M&Ms.
With both hands I said, 'Give me too much.' And seriously when he told me that years later I could just imagine cute little me looking up with both of those hands saying that. Just precious.

But now.

Now I think about that and think that is the prayer of presence,
and it is one of the most powerful prayers ever prayed."
- (His name doesn't matter. He is nobody particular.)

Meditations ever meditated.
Thinking ever thought.
Whatever you say it's okay by me.

It is the content rather than the name here.

If you see love and beauty and generosity and charity and this world.

This world is

community walking and running for children and family who lost someone who loved them the most.
That love spreads to many, many people because that love is just too much love for only one person.

So next week in my budget is a 5K for $25 and $25 to a group of people I love and loved because that's what they do/did.

William Moore
Renee Booth
Bryant Slay
Sarah Ivey
Tana Clay
Chrissy Kelly
Debora Nicholson-Warren
Peggy Doggett
Wesley Slay
Marilyn Graham
Your Mom
Your Dad
Your Sister
Your Brother
Your Cousin
Your Friend

and $8 to never, ever a child.
Never again.

Please, I ask for more.

Today I am grateful for more responsibility, for too much, for the advice of a nobody in particular writing a book.



fireworks in a community

How far?
A week.
Seven days, but really eight when you are counting this one.
And there is something about seeing these days, how you look at your week.

notes from last one:

Tonight's birthday party when we had to get there fast because if Josh had eaten a part of that lasagna before we walked in the door then yeah, we'd be mad. He wouldn't do that. We just like to pick on him. It was pretty amazing to watch you watching him play your guitar. You two are cool together and Little Bird is "sure" which means yes which means I walk always asking questions of the affirmative variety. 

Are those two butterflies?
Is that a mud puddle?
Is that a rock?
Is that a tree?

You get the picture.
Plus, it's our fault.
We stayed too long at your lesson.

But I shouldn't have sped. Not in front of you because it was you and I don't ever want you to speed.

Today you showed me again how beautiful you are.
You know how?
With your gratitude. It was like a brilliant light to watch. It was Special Afternoon.

It started with a message. Then a card. Then a walk. Then a drive till a certain time listening to country music and singing and talking about music and cows and houses and friends and what type of traits we like in people.

1. Sense of humor.
2. Truck.
3. Honest.
4. Kind.
5. Believes in work.
6. Creates rather than destroys.
7. We measure ourselves to others.

And Tyler. Tonight you and Tyler sat in two chairs facing each other.
It is quite an honor and you knew it so the smile that came across your face was 

how do you describe it?

1. Sweet.
2. You look at him. You look at me.
3. You look back at him, and he says, 

"Hey, you. I don't know if you remember me from when me, you, and her sat down and had lunch and talked about music. My name is Tyler, and you should just take that guitar sitting on that table behind you."

He points over your left shoulder.

You look back and then again at him, 
and then me.

And you want me to tell you something. 
Like Happy Birthday. 
That's your guitar.
But I don't.


You had to get that guitar out of that case and it's huge and ohmygosh. heavy. Yamaha. steel strings on frets with notes and a pick and a tuner and which finger and poetry to make your Daddy smile because he looked at you and saw 

Shiny and beautiful.
(as he always does. so much so it scares him how much he loves you.)

And your reflection in that thing is like Slater that one Christmas when I could do all I could do to show out. This was that for you and me.

If you love it and play it and practice it like you did this night, not even that much. Just fifteen minutes and like he said. It's not going to be easy, you. The tips of your fingers will be sore at first but sore just reminds you that you feel them and feeling them will remind you of that thing that made you shine tonight.

Your guitar.

Yes. You figured it out during your lesson with Tyler.

which is all Whut? Girl.

Then your party.
Lasagna done both for meal and dessert. And candles and the most beautiful, beautiful song.
And we sang it together as if one voice. Tonight for you it was because family comes together for important.

But the song I loved the most was one, two, three, four. Strumming G chord. Strumming C.
Next time you see him you'll have those and the switch in between.
I think. 
Or not.
Dear me, shut up.

(I'll whisper this part)
My after party is writing and wondering if you will name it, her, him.
If so I can't wait to hear that name.

'Cause maybe one day you'll write a song about the name of your guitar or maybe you already have because for me and you the title of something is very important. 
(especially when you get to name it, her, him.)

Today I am grateful for a day that starts in the most incredibly thick fog and ends with a party.
Crazy beautiful. All of it.
Crazy beautiful for you and him and them and every flipping last one of us.
Only thing that gets in the way is what we think of ourselves, you.

I believe you are beautiful and love.
That's what I believe.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

cracker josie

testing. two, three, four

In the most recent studies of a numerous kind we find our students are doing an amazing job. 
Now education is so specialized that it is being tested out the door. 
But there are these other things. They are called community centers.

Have you ever loved so much that the love became trees and a swing and a stump and kids and flowers and you had to say it loud?

Ms. Billings understands. So did her husband. He built her a schoolhouse. 

You can see him in these photos.

This is their place. (legendary really)
No Joke.
I'm serious.
I couldn't make this up.

Kids think I am funny.

(kids, I am not trying to be funny)

Tara is responsible for bringing me here. It is her fault.

She is the woman who introduced me to a woman with a schoolhouse in her backyard that she uses to teach and tutor children and these kids need what she is giving them at the end of day.

A swing. 
Plum trees. 
A stone patio. 
Healthy snacks.
Air conditioning in the summer.
Computers. Tables. Chairs.

You can't take everything in with just one visit.

Did I mention the sun is shining? 
Did I say anything about the birds singing? 
So were the children when we got there.

These people are doing such incredible things. 
The sun is so (can I do my homework here) beautiful there this time of year.

This is right before Ms. Billings saw them and made them turn around and do their homework. 
She is tough and love like a hug from a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

And someone somewhere said, "Right place. Right time."

(and I think because what is happening here needs to be said out loud)

Our kids pose themselves. 
I am simply there with a camera to point at how beautiful these children and these programs are.
Because if this is what you do with your life then you never stop or that's what a teacher taught me.

She is a photographer. 
I have to go back to see the photos on her phone and spend some time doing our own little photo walk.
Because I'm just that lucky in this world.

In fact, teachers teach that all the time for the rest of their sweet (insert all the best words here) lives.

I have to say it again.
I am grateful for the people of this world.
I understand the need for tests. I get it. We have to see where we stand, I guess.


Taking photos like this feels like being a kid again, 
and kids help you remember how great being a kid is.
Being taught is the best.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


the nobody particular

the nobody particular by Josh Miller

So the question was about more. 
He said he always asks for too much even if that is scary and he's heard stories of way, way too much. He can't imagine that much, you know.

I still wonder if the key is to not imagine too much and just be grateful for what you got. 
(but then, I have so much)

Today I am grateful for the lady who looked at me today and said, "You poor thing." It made me think of how much I have. Though pity is clearly not love, it can give you a good laugh, I think.

In other news ('cause this is obviously where you come to get the latest on the most important),

Now this photographer will be at Sowashee. 
Yowsa, people.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear Thom,

Your Dad had something to say about love.

(Susan. Gail. It matters less the name when you're reading someone else's mail.)

Thank you for sharing.

friendly delivery person

Bazaar, a crazy little food shop! Collierville, TN

She called to let me know someone had sent me a gift. She would leave it in the same place she always left my gifts. And I hers.

The recipe was called Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Walnuts & Balsamic Vinegar. She made it one Thanksgiving and surely I remarked since it was remarkable.

Last night I stood in front of the refrigerator.

Brussel Sprouts. Check.

Bacon. Nope. But there's a pat of butter to replace the fat.

Walnuts. I look at the counter and decide nah. I'll keep my walnuts mixed with the other nuts as a snack.

Salt and Pepper. Yep. I still have some of that.

Skillet. (Part skillet, part wok. It's a favorite.)

Seldom used stove. Exactly.

In the let love surprise you kind of way it was fantastic and warm and mildly sweet with just enough flavor to think, this is on the list of good things to eat.

Today I am grateful for new ways to prepare old favorites.

(Special thank you goes to Sue and Kim. I only think I love food until I talk to Kim. Then she tells me what she's preparing and I'm all, Yep. What she's making is food.)


He used the word wicked.

Someone reminded me of this.

My sin is gluttony. I always want more.

mornin' Monday

What we learn when we learn from others is that the person hates to fight 'cause fighting feels like incredibly hard work. Like trees fell or a storm came through.

Seven miles walking till my muscles ached and then a short, making sure you were good, phone call. You answered and I should be honored. There is a part of me that is, and I should have told you that before, but there is another part of me who claims to have an opinion or thought.

You say ego. Would I like to read a book?
And yeah but no, I have no problem being accused of something.
Dad said I wasn't trained right.
The thing about Dad and me is that I see his point.
And I laugh because I think I have a point as well, and many times it can be differing.
(oh the person who has to listen to that diatribe. maybe here you had to)

Sometimes I think I want to be sweet and sweet is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I know. I've done it. Other times I'm feeling I can't get everything done exactly like I want it to…
and sweet goes out the window and knocks down a few trees.

Maybe two sides is not only to a story. It can be to a person as well.
(then the third one who tries to calm everyone down)

Today I am grateful for seven miles of dirt and ant beds and gravel and trees leaning and being like water on a cloudy day.

(there has always been a tomorrow. maybe I'll get another chance on Monday. maybe not.)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

writers, writers everywhere

Do you sometimes feel like you are surrounded by people shouting tragedy and lists of things to do and you decide to turn on some good music or watch old episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix?

Yep. You're here. I know.

reach till you let go

Spaces on the same timeline.

Applied for a new life but not because I didn't like the old one or that the new one thinks it's fit for me. 
I don't know. It's just that how can you not reach as high as far as whatever.

This week I talked to students in no particular order. 

One is the most frustratingly wonderful interview I have ever done in my life. The challenge.
One will blow your mind.
One opens her eyes and her hands wide.

I have to talk to twelve more students but not before writing those three articles.

Then two more to be published next week. 

His marriage is quite beautiful. He is married to a teacher. Their children are their students.
She says, "Then there is the book," and we learn how a teacher teaches her students.

Everything I am seeing in education (maybe I miss many people but I try to get to as many people as possible) 

is spoke out loud poetry. It is a part of this state's music and education and food. 

Maybe I am not great at writing it, but I sure see that stuff floating in the form of our teachers and students. So that's what's coming up next week.

I can't watch others reach 
without reaching out myself or feeling guilty
which leads to my part of our conversation.

(but tonight we fought and I know it was because of me but it was my day off from life's list and yes, I know you were telling me to get a hat and sunglasses because that's how you love me and it is incredibly sweet and sometimes I am so not that way.

((because I wanted that chicken. and I feel bad for admitting how bad, but I am not smoking or drinking anything but coffee and water and I walked at least five miles today so I was kinda defensive.

(((it's bad when your apology still sounds so much like the argument. so in the morning before the walk I'll say sorry as my good morning.

((((Dad always said a person who keeps saying sorry is sorry and you don't ever want to be that way.

Today I am grateful for a trip and contact lenses and sunglasses and sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat and the dinner reservations. No matter what he is serving I am getting the Chef's special appetizer and dinner.

Friday, March 20, 2015

what a cookie!

Yes. I have a life coach.

(Many thanks to Tina)

a certain day

party photo

It's the hint of strawberry season when rain pounds like a steady staccato push at night. When you can snuggle up in it. We talk but only in the passing because life has been doing just that this week.
Passing in double time, unbalanced exciting scary.
It seems we are busy.

To say it's Friday feels like a gift and a dream.

Today I am grateful to have a particular day and time in the week.

Also, someone somewhere said there would be at least three new faces in certain spaces.

(I'm excited about seeing Dawn, Courtney and April's work at Sowashee. It will all be great, I think.)

((Today a kid told me, "When I go to college I am going to hang out with people who have the same interests as me. People who I like what they do with their life.))

Thursday, March 19, 2015

he said, she said, then me

He said,

"Worked hard my whole life. I was taught to work that way. Started hauling pulpwood when I was just a young boy."

Reaches his right arm out to show you how far the top of his head was from the ground when he was a young boy.

"Anyway. What was I saying?     oh yeah, I remember. For the last 45 years I've worked like that just sending the money home to my wife and children because that's what a man was supposed to do. How I was taught and tonight I was left by my family at a restaurant."

She said,

"We were talking about Jesse and her guitar, Bobby. We were in deep discussion."

She's trying to talk but the huge grin on her face and the sputtering laughter is getting in the way.

I said,

"Oh no. I put your crutch on the hatrack across the room. Oh Dad. Ohmygosh. That's why Mom was laughing so hard. I just thought she had lost her mind taking care of you all these months."

Today I am grateful for the dinner and show.


Sitting by Josh Miller

Today I am grateful for eight hours of continuous sleep, another forty hours of week and one warm cup of coffee.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

must, not should

I must back away from the internet and get to work on a CV for a job that isn't a job.
I call it the dream I didn't know could be real.

But first.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Just the other day a friend asked me about working with his new lights.

I told him he was going to laugh.
Then. "I don't work with artificial light."
(This is not true. Sometimes I have to take photos in rooms with all kinds of light so I should have said I never bring light to the photo. I think this makes me a light fatalist.)

Photography note here*
I did try some light, but either I am too lazy, too cheap, too determined to use the settings on the camera to get the desired results. Not ready, not ever going to be, or maybe one day. It doesn't matter.

Tonight the only thing that matters is what I told my friend.
I said, "Look at what Joe does. He's the best guy I know with light, and he teaches."

Tonight what seems to matter is what Joe said here.
Obviously I love his writing as well.

love: a mom and her kid

So my kid.
My kid who is not a kid who will always be my kid. (sometimes the world is confusing)
So he's just my kid. (no growing out of that)

So I ask her, "Where's the light?"
And no joke, she points.
"Where will the light be on you?"
Again she points.
And it is.

Remember this guy?

He sent me an email today.
The subject was perspective.
It read,

"At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself 'I have to go to work - as a human being. What do I have to complain of, if I'm going to do what I was born for - the things I was brought into this world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets and stay warm?'
-But it's nicer here...
So you were born to feel "nice"? Instead of doing things and experiencing them? Don't you see the plants, the birds, the ants and spiders and bees going about their individual tasks, putting the world in order, as best they can? And you're not willing to do your job as a human being? Why aren't you running to do what your nature demands?
-But we have to sleep sometime...
Agreed. But nature set a limit on that - as it did on eating and drinking. And you're over the limit. You've had more than enough of that. But not working. There you're still below your quota."

I must say, this makes me proud to have the mom I do.

My response,

You make me cry good tears. I am just so very, very grateful to know you as my son.


Remember this guy?
He's back.

Tonight he sent me a piece of the book.

The book (exclamation point)

The work I had to do was easy. I shredded it. Not literally. Just figuratively. And I've told him he can fire me at anytime. Just don't email, I said.

Now I have the first piece completed and sent to the illustrator.  

My review: I fear he will fire me because I can't wait to see what he sends next. Not literally. Just figuratively. But seriously. It's good.

Dang writers.

I am grateful to be able to work at what I love.

Monday, March 16, 2015

home call

It is the ocean, a morning walk near the beach after a cup of warm lemon water followed by coffee.
A banana 'cause it's just easy and you know, good.

We'll take water. (my life in fluids)

And I'll need to feel the wind of the beach.
Plus we need a photo of the ocean in our lives.

Even if it has been sucked of light because surely it will remind us of better days when days/weeks/months/years feel like this.

I think that morning on the beach we'll walk barefoot in the sand before we finally just jump in.

Today I am grateful we can make plans for the future (real, solid, when do we go type of let's roll and all hang out on the beach).

Sunday, March 15, 2015

falling into the I am


There is a fuzzy sense of self when you love and are loved. The music is good. It's nice when it rains and you take a vacation to see someone else's life. The corners, the storage,

the yard,
the trees,
the trails,
the food,
the music,

And you compare it to what you now call home.

There is a distance to we can't wait to see each other and count the weeks. There is a beauty to that distance, a privilege of having time apart and then holding hands when reporting time back to each other. There is, "So this is what you were talking about. Oh, I remember this. I love this room with it's books and toys and is that an entire weight room?

That room is scary.

but the light. The light is good."

It is the hero status which must concern us. 
(I think)

Today I am grateful for opportunity right here in Mississippi, for what happens when you fall in love with and in your state. I know that sounds cheesy. but. it's Spring and hiking and music and camping and birds and the world turns colors. It's crazy romantic.

Plus, I kinda miss cheese of the extra sharp cheddar variety.