Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Today I am grateful for discovery.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013


You do realize we're just following them around and doing exactly what they tell us. Right?

Today I am grateful for our little leaders.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Today I am grateful for a rain, an excuse. For grey days, familiar music, late night calls. How plans change but remain and those other little why nots because it all feels the same.

Friday, December 27, 2013


"Tastes like a cookie. Eats like a chip."

Cookies. Chips. Those were just gateway drugs.

when it's your love

It's a first or an unexpected or she needs to know if there is a website they can reference on the bid. The company is turning in a quote today and they want me as their photographer and oh shit I can't give you the blog.

Can I just send you some photos?

Yeah, that'll be fine.

And here we are at another junction of I didn't know where this was going, only that it was going so if I had to think we are somewhere else today then we were at this same time last year, that if we are marking this point in time as here comes another then I am going to say I am grateful for those times when it wasn't the easiest thing I could have done.

Pushing and being pushed through doubt only convinces.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

those we put on the stage

Don Monopoli

What I remember of the photo is less than the story I imagined around it. The child or children were blurred. He or they were running through a stack of red plastic cups. Maybe smiles. Surely because the story was a single dad who was welcoming his children home for the weekend and they saw the pyramid of red plastic cups when they walked in the door. Then he encouraged them to run through them and their weekend started and it was all what a great Dad which resulted in what a great guy which concluded in okay, that's enough.

I saw several movements in the past couple of years about the rights of single fathers and how they are given such bad reputations and I thought that is not how it works. It's not that I have anything against movements. I do realize there are many personal struggles of which I have not been involved, but I will say that when I see a guy spending time and playing with his children I have to check myself because my default is that I expect it from women. When a guy does it my heart swoons. Crazy, I know.

Today I am grateful for all those parents around me, and there are plenty of both genders, who simply take time to enjoy their children.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


My Mom gave me a piece of work from Jaime Winton Studio.

We exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, and it is the first item I lift from the bag I know will be filled with socks and a couple pair of pants and a bottle of Pinot and I stop and think how lovely, how nice to have a reminder and I tell my Mom a story.

It was last Saturday when a friend, her daughter and I were acting as door to door salespeople though both of us strongly believe in a person's right to only be disturbed by a knock on the front door if said person has invited guests or the knock comes from someone who has called beforehand. Or Domino's of course. For just that day we convinced ourselves we were working on behalf of greater good and duty though still it was not a comfortable situation for either of us. About halfway into our endeavor my friend knocked on a door which was opened by my great uncle, my maternal grandfather's brother, Uncle Jack. I had no idea he lived there although apparently he has done so now for thirty-five years.

It could not have been anymore than sixty seconds of watching as my friend explained to him why we were there and no more than sixty seconds more of him explaining how he agreed with us to the point he had no personal use for what the company offered but he, too, was in complete support because of what it could bring the community. And I just watched him and felt all warm and cozy and his nose and his eyes and his smile and how exquisitely kind he treated strangers at his door. No more than two minutes. I could have stood there quietly watching for many more.

My friend thanked him, wished him a Merry Christmas and I then stepped up to the door, took his hand and said, Uncle Jack.

Yes? He looked puzzled.

I am Shea. Billy's granddaughter. 

He laughed. We hugged and it wasn't even a minute more of a sweet little reunion and me asking how his granddaughter, Jaime, was and if he would be seeing her and her two beautiful girls for Christmas.

Mom smiles. She understands what it is like to see or talk with one of her Dad's two remaining brothers, how still you become when they speak or smile or laugh and how maybe, yes, it does feel well with your soul. That's it.

Today I am grateful for reminders and connections and my Mom who never fails to wow with a gift.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

card for Sarah

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Today I am grateful for the smile on that boy of mine's face and the safety of a soldier who for her first Christmas ever is stationed far away and the laughter of a friend who is working in a hospital on Christmas day. I am grateful to have some plans and some peace.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the opposition

The football soccer field is on the way to the gym before the auditorium and since I am here and there are so many things happening and I'd just hate to think anything was lesser than another I stop.

Sixty photos of the team warming up but only one I really love. It is the look on her face, the way the light hits her. Fierce, focused. A few more photos and I'm off to a basketball game and a band concert.

The next day I publish twenty-five photos, this being my favorite.

Until a nice man suggests I may want to practice taking photos of our team rather than the opposing one.


Today I am grateful for constant reminders that I need to slow down and lighten up and laugh 'cause  ohgoodgosh, that's funny.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013


Lovely, I think.

Source: Luckyshirt

Today I am grateful to get back to work.