Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Valentine card

It could say,

"Gone to work."


Selfishly I want to linger and talk though our conversations are typically just awful in the way we talk way. The keep your distance. And I do consider to tell you I got the book today.

You say, "What book?"

"Not your book and I'm so sorry but remember I told you about this one. Dispatches from Pluto. Two of my friends who are readers recommended it. On the front cover it reads, lost and found in the Mississippi Delta."

"I don't remember you saying that."

"If only we had a recording."

You laugh.

"I missed you today."

"Tell me more."

"It's just a million people. Maybe more. Everywhere. You've seen them."

"Yeah. Yeah. I get it."

"It's just if you're around that many people then what you feel afterwards is completely alone. And though we both admit alone is absolutely crucial sometimes, coming down from a million people is you may need one to just decipher what happened."


"I thought of you."

Today I am grateful for that guy on the other end of the phone in the morning.

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