Thursday, February 18, 2016

the list but late

You should never let the gratitude stack up on you. It's this week's lesson.

Don't make a list and watch a list stack up on you.

That guy. The one that the last time you saw him here it was because of all those times you skipped school. (bad move) He's going to meet you here again. It is going to be a surprise of outrageous generosity and how do you say thank you for that. You give it all back and more.

That woman. She is outrageous and handed me something so I could take a course by Seth Godin. It was too late to register but her act of kindness was free and maybe better than any seminar ever offered. Anywhere. I like that my life feels like a seminar from brilliant people.

And sometimes maybe I feel like I am not a good enough person for the ones who stand around me.

I ask, "Did anyone congratulate you?"

"No. You know what they did?"


"They said they can't believe I got in the top 10. They say it like this," she puts her hand over her mouth. "And then I'm standing here and the person they're talking to is standing there and I can hear what they're saying. They just can't believe it."

"It's ironic."


"Everybody has jealous. But you know what I heard today?"


"I heard of something called cool comebacks. This guy said, 'You don't fight. You don't cry. You don't get angry. You give them a cool comeback."

"What's that?"

"Girl please," and I try to say it the way he taught me.

She smiles.

"That's how you say it. Try it."

She's got it. We all do.

Today I am grateful for a list that needed to be got to.

Future painting music is we're gonna rock out to Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke because sometimes you have to. And then it's back to the beatitudes.

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