Thursday, February 25, 2016

the day as a gift

I don't have my camera, but this is the perfect spot. The perfect light of an outdoor night in a temperature of so close. we're almost there.

It is the most awesome selfish song in the universe sung by ages two to seventy in a unison of choir ready. It is that one friend who has vowed never to sing which is kinda her song.

It is not the dance of nobody looking but rather people you love are. So you dance for them.

It is the hug from a toddler and when a baby looks at you.

It is one of the first five calls of the day and the last one too.

Two cards filled with I don't deserve, might not ever will.

It is aught not. I think that's what she said.

A comment from not a stranger.

The song of the day is on repeat. (of course it is)
"If I be wrong, if I be right."

Some days just feel like forgiveness. I am grateful for that.

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