Monday, February 8, 2016

painter, friend, work (short list)

I'll tell you stories of how much I admired you.
I'll tell you how I wasted the entire weekend and blueberry pancakes and brownies with chocolate chips.

You'll be excited.
It's a huge week in an even huger life of back flips and toe touches and hair up and make-up and I think I'm just going to close my eyes.

Great things will happen to you and for you.
I'll try to provide the humor but sometimes we wonder and I will have forgotten at least one thing I was supposed to do but I promise I'll do it soon, this week, I suck, please forgive me.

I'll create lists for you and then I will do those things on that list and I hope you like that list because we're winging it here, people.

And by winging it I mean someone said we should be giving our heart and gut and all our stuff to something.

Today I am grateful for a sermon.

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