Monday, February 1, 2016

note to self or someone needs a list

It's horrifying, the tragedy you have to write. If you were to pick and choose all those words you type these would never be put in an order to tell a story that would be spread from fingers to eyes to brain to feel the way she did. Does.

350 words.

Due in six hours. No photos.

700 words, a story of triumph. She won, they won, everybody wins and you need to find out what happened so maybe someone will decide hey, I want it to happen again.

Within two hours. Include photos.

Send Ellen an email request.

Reply to the email you received last night.

Use the lemons.

Video art to music.

Attend a meeting.

Help her with the book.

Take her to that place and eat dessert. Listen.


All those people you meet, be kind to them. They have notes as well.

Today I am grateful that the light stopped dancing in my eyes and the headache which now remains will remind me of how good it is to get outside. I am grateful for the bag of lemons she left at my door.

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