Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dear woman who suggested I write about politics,

Tonight there is going to be a republican debate.
This afternoon there is going to be a beauty review.
In between those two things we are going to eat.

I think I've been shangry* this week.

As a result I may or may not have suggested:

That every cheerleader in the whole wide world just sit on the bleachers for a year.

It sounds absurd, right? But hear me out. Nobody cheer this year. That $1,100 you were going to need to spend on a uniform, take it and form a group with $13,200.

Have a meeting.
Ask them to tell you the most important thing to them.

If you had $1,100 and you could do anything with it, what would you do?

Right here right now they would choose being a cheerleader because being a cheerleader is what they want to do. And I have to admit they are good at it. Their joy is infectious. If you love these cheerleaders then you can't help but support them.


One year of no uniforms sold or just buying one from a friend could possibly force the manufacturers of said uniforms to consider lowering the price.

I think sometimes when we consider free market we act like the guys with all the money are the ones with all the power but tilt your head and you'll see that they can't have the money without you and me.

And that is why I'll be attending a beauty review and not watching a debate between any of the candidates or parties or whatever we are now calling this.

Profound quote coming: "Can I share with you my worldview? All of humankind has one thing in common: the sandwich. I believe that all anyone really wants in this life is to sit in peace and eat a sandwich." Liz Lemon

*Shangry is a combination of shocked and angry. Side effects are headaches and increased blood pressure. Stay away from shangry.


Anonymous said...

Soo, why you shangry?

Shea Goff said...

I forget now.

Anonymous said...

Pappy Van Winkle, a good thunderstorm and vintage country music. Good enough.

Shea Goff said...

Ah, you understand.