Monday, February 29, 2016

apple pie

"I have to work on video."


"Because I have this video to shoot. And I gotta be good so I have to practice."


"They ask me what I'm gonna be doing there and I just tell 'em nothing."

"Wait. I thought y'all were doing everything. I thought I was doing nothing."

She laughs.

"Seriously. I'm holding the camera and I've being thinking about it and I come up with shots in my head of you guys walking in. But, you know, I think I'll end up chasing everything. I don't want to have anything to say."

"I'll hold something if you need me to. The guy I just worked with said he had long given up on preconceived notions."


Today I am grateful that soon I'll have my Kelly Joe Phelps back. I'll play it that afternoon. The best part of Como Sessions is what we're learning along the way. I am grateful that my responsibility is only video.

"You're not going to like it."


"The pie."

"Oh, please. I love it."

"You can't help yourself but love it."


"It's just the crust. It's not the crust."

"They make the stuff in the store. That's why I buy it there."

"But a good crust can be made."

"Yeah. I remember that one apple pie I made and Sybil talked about it."

"She liked it?"

"She loved it. It was so good."

"You made the crust."

"Yeah. It was apple and perfect and you know how they do the top."

"Lattice work?"

"Yes. It was beautiful."

"So you know what I mean. I must conquer that. The perfect crust is a mountain to climb."


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