Wednesday, January 6, 2016

status, fantasy league

This is not a recommendation, just an eye witness account of single.

He calls it desperate.
I call it easily bored but curious.

It's a symptom of photography, always looking for and ultimately pushing light. (and that's a good as a spin as I can put on it)

He tweets, The two greatest things you can do as a storyteller are: make someone feel something, and make someone want to know more. JJ did both.

He does too.

He pushes the prompt. and I am quickly reminded of what I loved.

It's a fascinating example of how things change somewhat slowly overtime to eventually become quite unrecognizable from their original form...yet somehow still the same at the very core.

Today I am grateful for the living in your own little dream, for how whatever fear I feel is subsided by a fantasy league.

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