Tuesday, January 19, 2016


there is life still.

"Just called to tell you I am going to paradise."


"Yeah. I'm leaving this morning."


"You run out of food yet?"

He laughs, "Of the two she left for me today I am already one behind."

And that tree fell exactly ninety degrees from where it was supposed to. Even tied to the tractor and with three wedges in it. He can't imagine how it did it, but it was a good day because it landed right on where it didn't destroy anything. Amazing really. He could not have planned it better. That tree landed at the end of the woodpile, closer than if it fell the way he planned.

Today I am grateful to share a laugh with a guy who can tell the sweetest of simple but most complicated stories. I am grateful to hear the smiles when they speak. It's quite beautiful really.

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