Wednesday, January 27, 2016

painting and writing

It is not likely you're here for artistic advice, and if I needed some a google search would not lead me here. But. Today were are going to make-believe that we are Michelangelo and there was mustard seed and we began to paint as if this could be the Sistine Chapel while we watched Heartland and it reminded me of Twin Peaks.

"This doesn't look right," Her within the first minute half of applying paint.

"I think we have to paint it, let it dry and then decide what needs to happen."

(neither of us have a clue on how to do this. one of us is just acting like she does)

Anyway. The next time we paint I get to pick.

She asks, "Is he your Blake Shelton?"

"Oh, please. Better than that."

She smiles.

"He's going to cure 50% of the world."


"With clean drinking water."


"Wait and see."

Today I am grateful for Netflix and paint and time and sleep.

Artistic advice (since that's what you came here for and oh, are you disappointed) is you can waste some paint if you're new to the game. A little goes a long way.

Today's writing prompt given by the Bloggess and Victor. (great internet couple)

Happiness in four: They learned to paint.

Sadness in four: They learned to paint.

(depending on how I tilt my head, I think)

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