Sunday, January 10, 2016

here in the connection economy

He says, "This is not a race."

I say, "Yeah. I think I said that about something one day too."

He says, "You've been growing on further away from us now."

I think maybe he's right.
I think I selfishly run away to here, to you.

But it's what she asks, "My 28 year old son wants to be a writer. What advice should I give him as his mama?"

"Yes and let those tears run down your cheeks and hug him and do it, son, and remember your mama is here to answer any questions that come up. My own mama taught me that. Then I'd say, 'I can't remember who it was and you can look it up but at some point way back when a great writer said something like a writer cannot not write.' Tell him he'll never be more alone."


"I can't imagine any other scenario."

He says, "You can never be alone because it's just the bones you're made of."

Today I am grateful for that mama and that question and the feeling that maybe I could help answer it.

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