Friday, January 15, 2016

500 words

Insert the number one photo of the day.

You must fall in love in thirty minutes.

Get rid of the trivialities. "Hello, Mr. soandso. My name is Shea. Nice to meet you." This is coupled with a handshake and our heads kinda bob.

You should push him (not physically, just ask questions, did you leave yourself at the door, no, no, you didn't) test him because you have to describe him to others.

Listen. He will tell you everything that means everything to him.

And he will speak as if it is a whisper and that is the way you should listen to it.

He will say, "I want to be positive."

"Yes but I have to push you to see if you really are. I have to come at these people with something."

Greatest strength.
Greatest weakness.

Type like you're racing to something.
Tomorrow you must tell the story.

350 words

It's okay to be late just this time because people are amazingly patient. She is anyway.
No handshake. No nice to meet you. Just, "Tell me, Rachael."

And she does. And we have this incredibly private conversation. Mama to Mama.

How do you do that in 350 words? You have till February 15th.

Later and earlier too there is James.
Ten cars. Dishwashing liquid.
Balloons that light up. Yoda.
He smiles when they sing. And that woman. And those three together.

Today I am grateful for a couple who knows how to throw a party and a thirteen year old boy who deserved it.

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