Monday, December 28, 2015

pause in the storm

The wind is demanding attention and there is a schedule to follow and weather forecasts and all you can think is I should be ashamed for my ability to even write this. Tornados everywhere. Cars. Rain. People died. Death and politics and weather is why you don't want to turn on the news.

So. If you are so lucky as to be able to drive or ride with a friend and you can remember that road trips are some of the best things on earth and you were looking for some special music, then yeah. You're at the right place. We got the CD because we are old school.

Nobody should love getting old to the point that they lose their place in technology but we did and she didn't even know if the CD player worked because she had never worked it before.

Elvis walked in with his girlfriend. She was a Las Vegas showgirl, and she sat on that piano while he played it. You can hear her in at least one the forty-seven tracks but definitely no more than you'll hear Carl, Jerry, and Johnny. It was Sun Studios in 1956, and Sam Phillips and Memphis and everything is here.

But then it's not. Not everything. Because what you hear when you listen to the entire CD is you hear a moment in time that feels honest and gorgeous and people together doing what they do and having fun with it.

I tell her, "He's just a Mississippi country boy having a blast."

"Definitely. One thing about Elvis is that he was having fun doing what he was doing."

And you smile because all of a sudden you are hearing why he was so loved.

And you think, Man, how lucky am I?
I have electricity and fuel and shelter and a car and what I said yesterday.

And I am listening to Elvis and am at the beach and we're driving back and I am so grateful for this trip, a look at some rough seas, how he stood at that window and said, "It's a beautiful day. We better enjoy it, huh?"


"Have you been here before?"

"Oh yeah. This is one of my favorite places on earth."

He says, "She doesn't need to be saved."

I agree with him.

Today I am grateful for the guy who trimmed the hedges and left the light on for me.
(thank you)

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