Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jesus (thank you for the sunrise)

She says she wants it to be a sunrise. Each of the five panes will be the same sun but higher over the horizon.

I like it, but then I was thinking about how different each would be.

On January 1st I plan to collaborate with an artist, a painter, and I don't know if she's been thinking about the five panes but

there's the beatitudes and if I've learned anything, it is to start the year with a hope that I can be kinder, meeker, more courageous, more merciful, hungrier, peaceful, righteous but not in a selfish way.

"But perfect? Mom. There's that word."

"Yes. We never make it. We all fail every day, but we still try to be as much like Jesus as we can."

"Okay. I know. I know."

Today I am grateful to understand I have no perfect gift. If I could I would get right there all up in your head and decide what would be the very best present for you, for happiness, for water and love and enough food and some type of peace where I don't know. I just have to trust that we're getting closer to perfect just by trying it.

Here's some Christmas photos from one of my favorite photographers.


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Ah, Warren Haynes. Good stuff. Thank you.