Thursday, December 31, 2015


"These could be our new year's resolutions."

"Yeah. If you think. If you want."

We picked five, one for each glass pane. There's a movie playing. She's better at this than me and I don't know why I would even mention that other than to say I feel like the student when doing art with a kid.

"You know I kinda feel bad because we're only picking five but I think maybe everyone picks and chooses what suits them."

She nods and smiles. She rarely stops smiling.

"Okay. So in my head it's going to go above those doors and it's going to be the sun like you said and we're going to have to ask your uncle about paints on glass and brushes and how to prepare the surface and here's some paper and we have pencils and let's lay it on the floor here."


Insert photograph of scissors and tape and paper and glass and wood and reflection and three and a half circles and the candle we used is now burning.


"It's no rush. We have plenty of time for this."

"I know, but we need to do all of our suns today."

Today I am grateful for five completed suns, a call from one, and a conversation with a friend.


Anonymous said...

Soo, you got this new lense,Soo how bout some eye candy? Surely you done run some light through it.

Shea Goff said...

Thank you for the kind request. Hope to be back up and processing photos next week. My friend, the computer, has returned to it's creators for some care.