Sunday, December 20, 2015

day two of sixteen

It's Gunshow. The closed on Sunday chicken sandwich. Kevin Gillespie. Atlanta. Three times a year. Food porn. created as a joke. recipe from a very popular food chain.

Marinade: ranch seasoning, sugar, salt, water, pickle juice, whole fat buttermilk

Slice the chicken thin.

Breading: flour, ranch seasoning and whatever/however

dill pickle
hot sauce

(don't know if the above is everything. I'd have to watch the episode again)

Winging the above and a fresh apple cake for Dad's birthday tomorrow.

I am reserving myself one of the chicken sandwiches and a slice of cake with a cup of coffee.

Dear me,

Walk more. Read this.


Today I am grateful for a Sunday morning service, for how lovely it was to watch and hear my Mom speak a part. For the five minutes I had with him sitting on a bench at Walmart. For sixty ounces of water. For a call, some photos of a tree and a productive hour at the office.

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