Wednesday, December 23, 2015

day four of sixteen: it's all personal

It's him driving his fiancé and little brother to Nan's.
It's how she answers the door.
It's Merry Missmas.
It's a chicken sandwich.
It's feeling like there won't be enough time in twenty-four hours.
Yes it will.
No it won't.
It was.

It's how from the corner of the room I get a blues concert from someone you wish could have stuck around a little longer to see the people who now would pay to see him and we all just think that something is wrong in a world where your value adds after you are gone.

But then I think the value is in his smile, and I think this looks like a good day.

Blues is a celebration.

Today I am grateful for a job, for electricity, for a phone, an email, for a couple of trips, and water.

Dear me,
Water is available to you.

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