Saturday, November 7, 2015

writing and music

This was the best of the evening.

Today I am grateful for a chill in the air, two dogs, and cats that dart across the concrete. A porch with three painted pumpkins, light coming from the kitchen. A beer in a wine glass, some honey something. I am grateful to stock up for the month, ride home, sit and listen.


Anonymous said...

Shea Goff said...

My brother called, said, "You gotta hear this."

It could be that the third time is the charm since you had already sent me him, my boss played the CMA bit, and then here on a Saturday night my brother calls and tells me about a tiny desk concert. It could be the third time thing, but part of me is under the impression that listening with my brother was the key. It was that first song, the words, how they sang it together. In that moment I understood how my brother felt about his wife. That was a good moment.

Thank you for the song, the visit, the comment.