Thursday, November 26, 2015

when two became more

We'll call this an episode in chairs.

Karen came by this morning. And, well, we both talked so fast because we had so much to tell each other and what about you and how 'bout this and before long we're returning to Moon Hollow Farms.

But not before we leave the Courtyard.

Dear #hotelbedsofamerica, I miss you when you are gone.

Before anything else happens I have to write the story.

We'll start it here.

Kay emailed. I called the CEO. He asked, "You already made the deal?"

"Of course. It's Kay, the courtyard."

Then I remembered Sowashee so I emailed Charlie. Charlie emailed back. You saw that. Then a whirlwind of a tornado splat everybody but Garry landed there.

Here is where the story begins because the CEO came with his date and two young men showed up with their two gorgeous perfectly fitting soul mates and they brought their guitars and we set up some chairs. Then Hannah and her family walked in and we were set.

Let's break here for some music.

I don't remember what they were listening to around the time I took this technically wrong but incredibly right photograph (as close as I could be to Junior at the time), but there is a story here. A story of two white boys on the back of a flatbed truck playing R.L. Burnside's music. That's when Garry walked up. Maybe that's where the story begins.

Today I am grateful she said, "Yes," when he asked. I am grateful that the CEO continues to teach me.

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