Wednesday, November 11, 2015

this and there and that

This guy.

If five years ago someone would have said, "One day in the next five years you will walk into one of your favorite places in the world to take photos. You will pick up the key from a secret location. A place she chooses. You'll hold your breath as you turn that key and open the door.

That's when the beat will start.

You'll use two cameras, two lenses and you will bring your last five years of photography there. There was a concern you wouldn't be ready but then you will hear from one of the three musicians who will be meeting you. It's a message you are supposed to relay to the singer who will be coming as well.

There in that place on that evening you will take out the camera again.

Then your heart will explode.

No, you'll be fine. All you will need is two good photos. You will be able to do it,"

I would have replied, "Um. I don't know how to even say thank you for that."

Today I am grateful for things I never knew, for plans I didn't know to make, for people I had never met. For how some of the best things seem to be out there waiting for us to be ready.


Anonymous said...

Bluegrass blues and even a little techno thrown in, what a combination. Awesome. As far as the photo shoot, I bet you will smoke it. I won't even say good luck, cause I done seem your work.

Shea Goff said...

Yeah, the music, the combination. Crazy good, I think. In regards to the photos you are very kind. Thank you.