Friday, November 6, 2015

that's what's so great playlist

back in the old days 

Three years of photography and another camera and lens since I photographed this place. Maybe I'm better now. Maybe I've learned to make a list.

1. Music. This and this and she'll have internet there.
2. What about Woodstomp and Garry? Contact Charlie. Tell him the dates. Show him this month's assignment. What about Hannah and her family?
3. Don't think too much about it. Part of the beauty is how it surprises you.
4. What you know is that you're returning to North Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

ohgoodgosh. no pressure there.

Dear me,

You have forty-eight hours to capture the essence of a place and you'll never be able to do it. You will fail but not miserably. You'll never be able to give it everything it gives you but you know to drive away giving it everything you had.

So there,
The one person who knows you better than anyone else.

Today I am grateful for what it means to return to a place you left not because you didn't love it.
You did. That's what's so great.

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