Thursday, November 12, 2015

she shouldn't have to teach me

What she taught me today is something she should never have to say. She doesn't because I don't complain around her. I don't ever talk to her. I just hear. And it seems that sometimes when I hear it can be something that makes me lose my breath because of the way he says her name.

What she taught me today is that if nothing else I have to believe that she's going to be okay. That her kids are good. That her husband and her Mama and her brother and his family and if nothing else she now has some extra accessories.

What she taught me today is that getting the kids to school is most important.

What she taught me today is that you never give up getting everything done.

What she taught me today is that what I really want is some type of miraculous recovery, the full on in a decade that chic is running and driving and didn't someone once tell me, "Anything is possible, child."

(if that's true I want to see that dream)

Today I am grateful for a dream, for a teacher who never stops teaching. Now that I've learned everything it would be great to see her back with some younger students.

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