Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Sometimes you may feel like you don't deserve it. There were people today who needed you to be a better friend, a better person and you try to save yourself by thinking of those things that made you good. You held the door open for a family, you smiled, you said good morning and joked around with some people. You saw friends smile and you knew in your heart that they would be fine or not. But that wasn't up to you. Because you just let go of some things.

And maybe you don't deserve it.

Maybe you failed a million times today and maybe you were selfish and took time to think of only your existence even among what felt like millions. And maybe you don't deserve what you felt tonight but somehow, someway you were graced with a place, a space, an hour, some people who reassured you that you could never return such a gift.

Saying I'm just grateful for that feels ridiculous.

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