Monday, November 23, 2015

people and place and music

These people and this place. It's one of those things that if you say something you might jinx it. Today I tried to clean and organize my brain out of it. Don't think about it. Think about sizes and colors and cottons and where does this go and where does that go physical labor. And it was good.

But tonight I am thinking about it.

Thinking about opening a door. Seeing my kid. If ever you had a last thing to do it was this.

There will be coffee and water and whatever anybody drinks.

And music.

And the question is do I have a question for the band. And I know I will. And maybe I'll ask them in an email later but at this time with these people in this place I just want to selfishly experience it.

So I will. (though I do plan to bring you back a souvenir from the trip)

1. Call your brother. Get the other camera and lens.
2. Pick up the key.
3. Turn on the Kelly Joe Phelps CD.
4. Wait for him.
5. Relax into some photos.
6. Listen.

Today I am grateful for people and place and music.

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