Saturday, November 28, 2015

my internet boyfriend sent me something

Have you ever hoped that you inspired just one red card? No? Okay. Me either. I was just checking.

Perk: Fiercely loyal
Red Flag: Is related to you

Perk: Won the medal of honor
Red Flag: Refuses to look up from the phone

Perk: Can multiply themselves
Red Flag: Is a hobbit

Who said that was a red flag?

Perk: Same favorite music
Red Flag: Literally can't make decisions

Perk: Animal shelter volunteer
Red Flag: Farts every time they kiss you

Perk: Same favorite foods
Red Flag: Greets you with a headbutt

My review of this game? It's quite fitting and sad and hilarious that this game can be played alone. It's good and funny and a great break from an article. Thank you, Darin Ross.

(I'm going with the hobbit)

Today I am grateful for a good laugh and a great game. So grateful I made up my own two cards.

Perk: Loves to cook while listening to music
Red Flag: Has an internet boyfriend

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