Monday, November 2, 2015

admission number whatever we're on

No more episodes of Bloodline for you. Stick to cartoons.

This is the part after you've heard the terms outspoken, fanatic, and for the grand finale you think your Mom hung up on you.

Two rings. What sounds like a pick up. Followed by dead air.




Did Mom just hang up on me? Wait. What? 

Your Mom just hung up on you. You titled it stupid politics and put your brother's face right under it. If somebody clicks on it, sees the title and the photo and of course they are going to become absolutely disgusted because they love your brother and you've just written stupid politics above his picture. No wonder your Mom hung up. Congratulations. The whole family hates you now.

Think. Don't freak out. What you are saying is absurd. Because you love your brother and your Mom knows that and your brother does and you haven't lost your entire family because of some silly blog post you wrote. Just call your brother. He's up.

"Hello." (barely)

"Hey. So I just wrote something about you on the internet and if there is anything wrong with it I need for you to tell me and I'll take it down. I'll delete it or edit it or whatever you say."




That was incredibly dramatic. Shocking. I can't really write the crazy that went through my brain, but hey, it had a fairy tale ending.

My brother liked it.
My mother liked it.
The dropped call earlier was just because of rain.

Today I am grateful that it's over, that tomorrow I can take my niece to vote. I am grateful for the struggle, the challenge, and the let go. I am grateful for the lesson on Sunday night and the Monday example which followed. I am grateful that tomorrow my political life is over with the push of some buttons.

It's good to exhale before the next brain explosion.

Goal: Make it through the holidays, chic.

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