Sunday, October 4, 2015

within the ellipses

I don't fit in the hall or the parlour and I don't want to ask any questions, but here maybe I can contribute my little take which is worth absolutely nothing. (and I'm comfortable with that)

The title is scary brilliant. Who doesn't look for light? Those looking for light would walk towards it, right? They'd at least follow the story of someone's search for it. I mean, if we're not brave enough to do it ourself.

So the title gets you.

Chapter one.
I got lost. I didn't want to spend my time learning a game that could have taken my everything. There is much shame in the fact that my kid took minesweeper off my computer at some point. (let's file this under the things you never should admit or you should and then say you're sorry)

This is significant.
This is the writer, the artist. The bleed of all the characters of the story.
And he is complex and empathetic and mysterious and brilliant and talented and funny and there's one key thing about him. A saving grace of sorts. That guy is a great dad. Maybe. Seriously, what do I know?


Chapter two.
The second photo.

The people who are really working on this can be found in the community. Coins and astrological prints and here is NASA and the number 88 and I respect their work. They are incredibly smart.

But heartbreak. Nobody wants that so you think about not reading anymore.

But that title.
The damn title.
You want to believe that someone you believe in will find the light they are searching for.


You hope it for Doug at least.

Or that guy or everybody or yes, I keep reading his book.
(or d. all of the above)

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