Tuesday, October 6, 2015

spoiler alert

"For one person, the treasure of Masquerade was a piece of gold. For hundreds of thousands of others, the treasure was meaning - the belief that, for a little while, within specific boundaries, everything could make sense. And while the hare could only be found in one place, meaning could be found in many. You'll probably have to put it there yourself, of course, but then again, that's easy. That's what we do."

Source. (thanks to someone named cornchak)

What if this is why he is apologizing?

He doesn't see what you see, but he loves to watch.

Is this his intention when he is creating this?

If so, I agree with him and I have to admit that my curiosity makes me want to have of a piece of it, but the writer of the article mentions hallucinations and cornchak has already titled Chapter 3.

The addictive thrill of apophany. (which this program does not recognize as a word)

I guess we'll see. Huh?

I'll let you tell me if I'm going too far with this.

Today I am grateful for a book and people and what else are you gonna do when you have watched everything on Netflix.

(you're gonna write. that's what you're gonna do.)

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