Friday, October 16, 2015

number forty-two, part five

Every now and again it will go off the rails, and we'll remember the education some kids gave us today. Those can be the best parts.

If for no other reason number forty-two came into our lives because we needed to be made aware of something. You have to figure that everything went off the rails back in 2008 when the sky began to fall and I had a reoccurring dream of belly crawling through the woods and camping with my boy until one day, maybe weeks later, we would get home to where we could work with family. Bathe in the creek, grow food, kill food, learn how to cope.

So nobody would have blamed the Mississippi decision makers for not funding something they approved back in 1997. The next year as well. So 2008 and 2009 could be excused I would say though I am not a judge in Hinds County or any other county of this state. I am only, in it's simplest form, a voter.

My one little vote is nothing in the whole scheme of whatever the heck is going on and you still have time to convince me otherwise but as of right now I am voting for number forty-two. I am darkening the first first circle and then I am darkening the second first circle.

Because our decision makers went off the rails many more years than 2008 and 2009. Some will tell you they only fully funded MAEP two years since 1997. Some will say three years, but most will agree that funding has been increased by MAEP and Mississippi is improving it's education system. You and I read that report in the same boat.

If it's paying dividends in a system where it is barely being used and if they, the people we are voting for before we vote that decision, just ignored their own law for so many years without any recourse from the people who truly care about Mississippi children then it makes sense that we would add at least the image of a judge to their future decisions.

They never have to see a judge. They only have to follow their own laws. If they don't they will go beyond a Hinds County judge right into the lap of the Mississippi Supreme Court and money will be wasted. If they don't like MAEP, if they can't fund it (though within the last year they discussed a removal of the state income tax ((seriously, that was a strange one)), then anyone who is voting on this is simply telling them to change their formula but do so in the best interest of our children.

Today I am grateful for a cello and kids and how they reminded me of what I call myself.

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