Tuesday, October 13, 2015

forty-two, number one

This is politics. It is a proposed constitution amendment about education. It is a question on a ballot. Well, it used to be just a question. Now it's two questions.

Or wait.

These are not questions. They are declarative statements with a backstory of your opinion matters because you are an educated populous who can be trusted to make the very best decisions for your children and their future. It is tragic and full of hope all at the same time. Democracy.


(insert circle to darken) FOR APPROVAL OF EITHER Initiative Measure No. 42 OR Alternative Measure No. 42A

(another circle here) AGAINST BOTH Initiative Measure No. 42 AND Alternative Measure No. 42A

This comes off the heels of you need to vote for a list of names of people you know and who do you really know and those you don't know at all and by the time you get to the proposed constitutional amendment you could be all

You and me, same boat.

So, we are going to take this slow.

Here, I think, is a non biased, non partisan, but still human view of Initiative Measure No. 42. The educated populous is being inundated with opinionated television ads, articles, comments, videos, buttons, stickers, even this blog which normally is just narcissistic drivel and the list goes on and on of how many ways can we be influenced to feel


that a decision we make today will be detrimental to those we love the most.
And we didn't know any better. (sounds like the greatest fear of parenting or adulthood. whichever.)

Here I am going to learn. No matter how long it takes me or until November 3rd. I am going to break it down for me because I want to make the most educated, wisest owl decision for kids.

So, tell me if I'm wrong. Does the first declarative statement actually ask, "Do you want a Mississippi constitutional amendment to require that your state must provide an adequate and efficient and free public education?"

This only leads to further questions of,

Do other states require this in their constitutions? I heard today that Mississippi is the only state that does not have a right to public education in it's constitution.

Is there such a thing as free? (An Econ101 professor answered that for me on the first day of class. The answer is no.)

What is adequate and efficient? Currently Mississippi describes adequate and efficient as this.

What is the difference between 42 and Alternative 42? The word judicial. Right?

Today I am grateful for time and study and the dedication of others.
I at least owe them and the children of this state a read.

And though I am leaning, I am willing to be open to other people's opinions.


Anonymous said...

It's crazy we have to make a law to make our state government fully fund education. I am for fully funding our schools, but my idea of fully funding could be very different from others. This will be interesting at the least.

Shea Goff said...

Yes. I agree with you. Why do we have to make a law? What do I know about funding a school? Thank you for being here.