Saturday, October 10, 2015

autumn read

It is the refuge and he is his quiet, hiking, backpack self and I don't know how we always get here.
Just that we do.

"Did you bring your camera?"

"Did I bring my camera? Of course I did."

We took the Woodpecker Trail and overlooked the place where the geese were supposed to be. There were signs, signs, everywhere signs. Hallucinations if he had not been there to verify them for me.

And we talk about how the place is built. How sturdy. How tragic. How beautiful.

"You can't shoot the eagle, Mom," is code for we come to see things being as they are without us interfering in them.

But I had to get the last words in. Not with my camera because what I saw was too precious and a simpler phrase written in black magic marker on the bench where I sat. I smiled, "Hey. Look at this."

He turned around.

I pointed, "How great is that?"

And that, right there, was the most perfect moment of this day.

Today I am grateful for graffiti though I know I shouldn't be. 

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