Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Suess on always striving for more

I get the tiniest hugs by little arms. "What are you?" They ask.

I stop. Who am I? These kids are asking pretty deep questions. "I am a thing."

"Number eight?"

"There are seven others."

Later I tell the next group that the last group really showed some spirit. There I find that competition doesn't work. And I'm not here to destroy an economic system or sports. I'm just saying that kids, possibly everyone but then there's the no exception rule, do better when they just compete against themselves. Be a better them or me or us.

Then take a nap.
Then do it again.
A thing is nice to be.

Today I am grateful for a costume, a camera. Yes, I wore pigtails in my hair all day. Yes, there is a photo which who was a cousin took. Yes, I did threaten to kidnap a child's grandmother. Yes, there was a slight digression to the day. Yes, I can do better. Okay, okay. Hush.


Anonymous said...

I wanna see.
I wanna see.
I wanna see.

Shea Goff said...

I think we both know better than that.