Friday, September 18, 2015

struggle in time

I haven't seen her in a week. When I do she runs up like she's glowing and then stops within a foot of me. She shines when I say her name.

Here is where I fight time and tired.
I resist because, I mean, I have to find some way to make coffee 'cause the carafe broke in the dishwashing machine, and well, I got the coolest little pot where you put the coffee grinds right on the glass, fill it with boiling water, let it sit, and then push this incredibly slow

take your time here.
steal it.

you get the picture,

push your caffeine.

and then speed up in time.

Seth wrote something today that I loved because yes. Don't you think?

Today I am grateful for a book, a great cup of coffee, a kid who is feeling better and music of course.

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