Saturday, September 19, 2015

roller skating

It's the first email. I am going to have to read something before we talk, and there's homework too. Not just reading but listing. And yes, I do remember there was a time when I suggested maybe I should list more.

1. Offer french press coffee to the man who is weed eating your yard.
2. Read.
3. Create in a blank space three categories. List what is.
4. Nap.
5. Make another pot of coffee. Offer it again. Listen.
6. Finish list. Have it in before the five o'clock deadline.
7. Send link.
8. Send response to link.
9. Consider his invitation to watch a football game. Plan to make a strawberry cake instead.
10. Think about roller skating.

Smile. It's been a good day.

Done times eleven.

Today I am grateful for how all the weeds get eaten, conversations with the kid and a grocery store visit. How lovely it all is.

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