Sunday, September 13, 2015

envy preserved

This is obviously not the original work of Sarah Dunn in Talladega, AL.
This is only a photograph I not so carefully shot of her work entitled Preservation #1,
a large format digital print seen in Meridian Museum of Art's Bi-State Annual Art Competition.
The original is exquisite. You should see it.

If I were to call myself a photographer, and let's face it, it's a weird word.

1. I have an expensive camera.
2. I have an expensive lens.
3. I have a computer with editing software.
4. I have managed to get paid at least partly for my photographs.


While I was doing something Sarah was doing something else and when I saw this I looked away then looked back again and then began walking toward it until yes, my eyes could read well enough to confirm that this was a photograph Sarah took. There is that part of me that believes I did not think I would show this to you.

How absolutely brilliant Sarah is.

I did not spend so much time photographing it, because well, then you could possibly see exactly what I mean and what would that say about me.

Tonight I needed to show you this because I needed to not let my own silly insecurities get in the way of trying to show you some beauty here.

Today I am grateful for Sarah's work, for how my own envy teaches me.

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