Tuesday, September 8, 2015

a wave at the grocery store

It's a teacher thing.
They get a wave at the grocery store. Unless, of course, you're her.
I can't imagine her going anywhere without being mobbed.

Anyway, I've seen a little of that while standing in line at a cash register and looking to my right to see two familiar faces smiling and I feel so guilty that I don't have my camera. Because to those kids I'm the camera lady and I never even dreamed that that is what I could be.

The girl waved.
And I did my most excited, my personal best impression of a mime wave without jumping up and down back to her because I am giddy to see them here. I am full of love for kids who know I am their own personal camera lady. Who maybe somehow understand how much I believe in them.

Today I am grateful for my camera, for an extra thirty minutes. For BeBe's class. For a car ride fro and to and the award winning singing that can still happen with the wind blowing in our faces. For how we smiled together when I told him that his voice in my head said the bottle was telling me to shut up.

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