Wednesday, August 26, 2015

up until now or tomorrow but the preacher called today

When she says there is no hope I respond with there won't be if you think that way.

But her body is giving up on her and I'm scared of her mind when I look into her eyes because at fifty-one pounds of she sat up today and quickly lost air

I want her to stay.
to stick around. to be as cool and kind and lived life like she was leaping, jumping, and her mind is still as sharp as it ever was. it is just her body which is weak.

My advice today was from one of the smartest people I have ever met. I had to admit that when I visit I pretend that one day soon may not be the last day we ever see each other again. What Mama said is that she says nobody knows the timing of that.

"I could go before her. I tell her that she and me and you, we'll get to see the sweetest sister and daddy."

Anyway, the preacher called today and I forgot to tell him that she loves it when he stops by and yes, he did show her his tattoos and

"Shea, his eyes."

I nod. "It's the Jesus thing."

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