Sunday, August 16, 2015

publication delayed

Four interview attempts.
Two photo shoots.

On altruism.

It's complicated.

There's this kid who's doing something altruistic but his grades are not bad, not good. He could do better, he admits.

"So tell me why."

"Why what?"

"Why aren't your grades better? You and I both know your potential. You could do better so why don't you?"

"'Cause I'm lazy."

"Nope. Not buying it. You're not lazy."

He smiles.

"We all say that. 'Kids these days, they're lazy,' but you're not."

He knows, but it takes me a while to conclude.

Dude. Everyone gives the gifts they want to.

His, he said he was taught. His Daddy gave to a family during Christmas. Now he attends a class for three hours a night, two nights a week. He has a full time job and a serious hobby. Rather than being concerned with studying he is training for what he plans to do.

He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up so he's pretending to already be grown up.

(is there a credit for altruism you have to wonder but you assume you already know the answer to the question?)

Today I am grateful for a broom and a mop and a working washer. For a walk, a breakfast and to hear that the ordination was just the sweetest. Good for him. Good for us.

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