Monday, August 10, 2015

preacher and what have I found

I knew there was something wrong when I was younger. That some things did not feel right. So I learned to question adults. And they answered.

But I asked all adults, not just the preacher.

What was the world?

Tonight I wore an old livestrong t-shirt, and the preacher talked about when you die.
(go to the beach)

That as those people, who Stephen knew and loved, would stone him to death he looks up and says, "Forgive them. Don't count this one against them."

(hey, you. don't relate to Stephen. don't think the world is out to hurt you. do not attempt to feel what Stephen did.

Just make note.

And just be thankful that the new preacher has an understanding that feels right. That once upon a time he took off down some Mississippi backroads and asked some backroads' Mississippi store owners

((You know the kind. Your favorite, those who are filled with stories.))

and he told them he was trying to find one Mr. R.L. Burnside, the blues legend who played on the album recommended by a record store owner on Beale. He went whatever way they told him until finally on one of those north Mississippi hill country roads that will never end a huge man stood in the middle of the road.

He and his friend stopped, and preacher said, "Hello, sir."

The large man declared, "Two honkies out here can only mean one thing. You looking for a man named Burnside."

The preacher, before he was ordained, smiled and said, "Yes, sir."

That guy told him how to get there, and the preacher did meet R.L.

Took a photo with him.
It's framed.
Hanging on a wall in a room filled with music.

Preacher has some north Mississippi hill country cred. It's refreshing. So I listen to him.

Tonight we sang and heard the story of Stephen, and I have to admit my heart did break for him.
((though the preacher did say that Stephen died right though he was not at the beach at the time))

Preacher said he crossed Jordan. I have heard it called Beulah Land.)

Today I am grateful to have found a preacher.

Though I did meet another one Saturday, and I am going to have to go and get a barbecue. She has this story about when she was a teenager she had a brain tumor for which she received absolutely no medical treatment other than the initial diagnosis. She has the medical records.

And I must admit that I'm kinda scared of this story because what if all we're supposed to do is say, "I'm yours to do with what you will."

But not seek medical treatment?

What is this world? A steady stream of gifts peppered with I didn't want to learn that lesson. Oh yeah. I'm yours to do with what you will.

Dear reader, thank you for the Pixies recommendation.

Dear Trey, thank you for the blue.

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