Friday, August 14, 2015

partying down at the discotheque

Sue sits on the ledge and wonders, "What the hell?"

This is different, not different good and not different bad. Just the same different. Same music, alternate location.

I call her. "Is it over?" I ask.

"The week?"


"Yes. It's over."



He calls grinning. You can hear it through the phone. Murder mystery dinner theater and no, his table did not solve the crime but they did all agree that their suspect would have been the one in a more well written script. And the food. The food was an adventure, and yes, he would do it again.

Today I am grateful for the Friday night discotheque. For a request of which I had at least a partial answer. For a call from that guy who is enjoying life. For a conversation in kindness.

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