Wednesday, August 19, 2015

or you write

It's team red and team blue.

Blue says, "Social media makes you antisocial."

Red has the opposing view.

They are brilliant voices, and all I can do is take notes. I want to participate so bad that I actually jump from my seat without permission and go and kneel in front of the red team. I tell them, "We're all everything. Social media makes us nothing."

They grin and nod and then collectively seem to agree that the crazy woman with the camera needs to go back to her seat.

Later after the blue team has narrowly claimed victory I raise my hand and tell the moderator I have a question. What a nice guy. He lets me so I just blurt out to the blue team, "Do humans need touch?"

All of a sudden it seems incredibly inappropriate to ask that particular question to a room of thirteen year olds. So I clarify, "Does a drawn hug equal one you get from a person? (looking back I should have said you get from your Mom because they still looked really uncomfortable.)

Anyway, the last sentence of my notes read, Blue wins, but it feels like nobody did.

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