Tuesday, August 18, 2015

my imaginary friend

There is a certain charm to living alone and imagining what it would be like to share a life.
If you even could.

Yesterday morning I said, "I want him to have friends with real people."

Then I laughed, "I just said real people."

(as if everyone is not real)

Today I am grateful to be able to give away some music, to make plans for cool evenings and warm baths. For this morning, how the sky goes from black to pale blue and if given the chance it feels like the promise of something.


Anonymous said...

I know this is not quite as wonderful as some of your posts, and I'm not religious, but when I saw this I thought of this blog and of how if someone were to put your blog into spoken word this might be how it would go.


Anonymous said...

Good comment anonymous, what a way to start the day.

Shea Goff said...

Wow. um. Thank you, first anonymous. That was incredibly amazing, and I am not that. Most of the time I strive for it but never, never am I all that. I fail daily.

Yesterday, in fact. More to come, of course.

(but you are a sweetheart and that is an amazing performance and again, thank you)