Monday, August 31, 2015


Ten questions, and you get nine right. Those you knew got credit on the grade but get no attention from you. It’s the one you got wrong that makes you cry.

It’s that perfect word until you take away the sting. What if that was the perfect moment and you missed it because you were worried about disappointing someone? Ohgoodgosh. What will we do?

Studies have shown time and time again, disappointment after disappointment, that it is possible and quite likely that we all get on with our imperfect little lives.

What you said this morning was true. You do, like Percy, want to take care of everyone and sometimes forget you. It’s tricky, and I am watching to see how you balance on that tightrope because child, you are not perfect.

You are absolutely incredibly don’t you dare get any better unless you want to you.

Today I am grateful for an entire week. For disappointment, for second place, for how a guitar teaches us more than music, for inclusion to a group who sits in line waiting for people just like you.

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