Friday, August 14, 2015

learn your knots

There’s this place where we could have a music festival. It would be an incredible challenge. A mural on a wall.

Alton. Glen. People I need to call.

What a kid taught me today is about altruism. This irrational unscientific behavior of risking your own life to save a stranger. Running into a burning building to potentially save a person’s life. Hanging from a bridge. Putting yourself in the line of fire.

It’s that concept which doesn’t fit. Yet people, those standing next to you or me or maybe if called on we’d do the same, they do. If someone needs us do we always help.

Sometimes we don’t know how to. Sometimes we only make things worse.

But surely I can learn to tie nine knots and know what they are used for.

(and I can surely not be late tomorrow)

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