Wednesday, August 12, 2015

knot in your stomach

Pity is not love.

We argue.

And I'm scared I see your point. To the point that I have to break in and cut you off and ohmygosh but what if by pitying someone we take away what's left of their "I can do this" power. And what if there is  this really important point, hill to climb, mountain to fly your flag on the peak I did this. I conquered this. What if we take that away because somebody who loves us like crazy did it for us.

And they think, "Well maybe I am crippled like they think. But maybe I am also as powerful as they think because we are all everything. We should never dim our light by being less to suit others."

Don't you want to look into every child's eyes and say that at least once?


Today I am grateful to stand in an office and speak out loud my opinion to a mother I respect so much (and yes, I know I should just shut up)  I am grateful for this one book which means so much more than a book. I am grateful for questions I know the answers to and how I just today found Shine Eyed Mister Zen and pulled it out to play during homework. I am grateful for a burn pile, a new dog bed, and  a nap.

And this.

This conversation you allow between me and myself. I kinda like a small audience, and I wish I was funny. (wishes are fishes)

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