Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I had a fashion flaw and she cooked the second best peach cobbler in the county

Today was a page of her story. Just think about it, you as a kid with eyes that shine, looking up and into someone else's eyes and that person is telling you that you baked the second best peach cobbler in the county.

This morning when you got up at six a.m. and carefully and joyfully and how in the world do you wake up that way? you threw together a teaspoon of that and a quarter teaspoon of that and two cups and eight cups and boiling water and boxed heat and timing.

"When did you learn how to tell time?"

"Second grade."

All those years later she knows how to measure and prepare and play music and cook too.
And ride horses. And have I mentioned timing?

And she is going to help me with my next assignment because she is a creative art director as well.

Today I am grateful for a Roald Dahl inspired project, for what you can do in the morning.
For music in the kitchen.

For some advice.
Don't sweep everything under the rug. Face reality in their face. Look into their eyes and say what you know and believe. They'll find comfort in that and so will you.

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