Saturday, August 22, 2015

get your head shots here

This is not one of the photos she chose, but I liked it.

She is my political friend, my healthcare friend. She is fellow mother. She is someone with a vested interest in our children. And when I say our children I mean at some point no matter how many you have they run away to their own lives with their own homes or homeless or whatever they take control.

So we, of course, try to take part in the lives of a million more.

Today we had a four to five hour photo shoot, no more than fifteen minutes of taking the head shots she said she needed. I finally kicked her out of my home, and she agreed, "Do you know what time it is?"

"Get out of my house now."

It was dark chocolates with toffee and almonds and get this bowl away from me.

It was conversation and the reason I've had problems pricing work is because work has been talk amongst friends and most of the time you feel like they've had to listen to you ramble so you call it even.

This is the challenge that the two people who run Shea Goff Photography initially face: the person who does the job doesn't see any monetary value in their work.

A couple of weeks ago Slater asked, "How would you feel about another photographer being onboard?"

"I think you're brilliant."

Today I am grateful for conversation, how when I talk to my kid I am reminded of the mid nineties when my cousin and her husband were first married. When they had that little apartment in Memphis and the cutest little coffee table. How their life together felt like an easy conversation with a friend.

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