Saturday, August 29, 2015

f is for fine, p is for painting

I know the struggle she feels. If everyone is that beautiful, that talented, that smart, that incredible then what do you do but know that you have so much to live up to.

Mixed Media, Oil
Andrea Kostyal

The door opens and there's something about walking into this museum that makes you feel like you have this secret ticket to a world of other people's brains, to your favorite song turned inside out. Some explanation. A relief because today everything you've been telling yourself is true. Here is proof and
there he is.

Pagan Goddess
Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Ink
Joe MacGown

On repeat is Kelly Joe Phelps and Joe MacGown.

This is the Meridian Museum of Art's Bi State Annual Art Competition. This is declaring a day of selfish endeavor and realizing you do that all the time.


This is different. This feels pure.

I walk out of the room where I discovered Andrea and saw Joe. Kate is at the desk. I peek into the office and try to be quiet but it's only me and this is exciting, "I'm so glad Joe is here. I discovered him in this museum. I've read about his workshop. It's how he sees. It's intriguing. And Andrea. ohmygosh. Amazing. This is beautiful, Kate."

We talk about Joe and stand in front of Andrea's work and when I walk into the room to the right of the office I get about three quarters through it and there I forgot. I forgot I was even in the show until I see I Will Be Blessed hanging there. 

And though I know I am not as talented as Andrea and Joe, my work does not look pitiful. It doesn't look out of place or without some merit. I mean,

I feel relief.

So I guess what I'm saying is if you would like to feel relieved than you may want to check out the show at Meridian Museum of Art's Bi-State Annual Art Competition. I recommend you go on a Saturday afternoon. Go alone, play your favorite music or don't. Just close the door behind you and let your mind dance around the place.

I am grateful for art, for Kate, for that museum. For today.

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